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The main products manufactured, produced and sold by our company are:automotive wiring harness,electrical appliance internal connection wire, hood wire harness, car toy car wire harness, waterproof plug wire, cigarette lighter plug, power cord plug, motorcycle main wire harness, car connection wire, USB/micro data cable.

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Hongchen Electronic Plastics Co. Ltd.,

Zhongshan Hongchen Electronic Plastics Co., Ltd was founded in 2011. The company’s main products for manufacturing, production and sales are: customized various types of automobile wiring harnesses, home appliance internal connection lines, medical wiring harnesses, new energy wiring harnesses, toy car wiring harnesses, waterproof plug wires, cigarette lighters Line plug, power cord plug, motorcycle main wiring harness, USB/micro data cable. We have cooperated with Fortune 500 companies for more than 8 years and have rich customer cooperation experience, which means we can provide you with better in-house wiring harness ODM/OEM services.

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Zhongshan Hongchen Electronic Plastics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. The company has passed ISO9001: 2008, 2015 quality management system certification, IATF16949: 2016 automotive quality management system standard certification; products comply with UL, ROHS and other standards, and are widely used in various types of electronics , mechanical and electrical products, home appliances (such as air conditioners, motors, air conditioners, washing machines, audio, fans, various precision instruments, meters, communication equipment, etc.).


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We can reasonably avoid raw material price volatility and optimize supply chain management to provide you with cost-effective automovie cables.


Low MOQ will help you start your business quickly, and we will maintain a high standard of service no matter how big, medium, or small car wire harness project is.

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We usually send out samples in 3~5 days and we offer fast delivery of the first articles and prototypes.

Engineering Support

We provide long-term engineering technical support from the prototyping, running and maintaining for all our automotive wiring looms.

Fastest Responded

With 25 years of manufacturing experience, we are very familiar with the qualities, materials, processes, and material channels of various auto eletrical wire harness.

Lower Shipping Cost

We maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with logistics agencies, and provide you with various freight quotes to choose the best solution.

Best Quality in Every Project

· Certificated ISO9001:2008

Passed ISO9001: 2008, 2015 quality management system certification.

· Certificated IATF 16949

As a cable wiring harness manufacturer, we have 20+ authoritative certifications. All products meet UL/CSA safety requirements and are tested one by one before shipment.

· Significant Raw Materials

Using high-quality raw materials, we only cooperate with top suppliers. All wire harnesses are durable in use.

· Full Test Record

Detailed records of quality plans and safety testing are available for customer review.

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Professional personnel, advanced equipment, perfect quality, 15 years of professional OEM/ODM, choose Hongchen, choose to be ressured.

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Cigarette machine wiring harness

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