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What is wiring harness

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Whether you know it or not, there are wire harnesses fixed in all electronic items around you. Although simple in construction, it can pass on power at the flick of a switch. It can give you access to television, telephone, internet and even start a car. A wire harness can assist the operation of heavy industrial equipment like lathes and CNC machines. It even transmits power to various complex medical equipment and different electrical components of your automobile.

A wire harness is a group of wires assembled to transmit signal or power to an electronic device or heavy machine. To know the technology better, let’s look into how this is made — To assemble it, you will require a wire or conductor. The wire can be an individual strand or a bunch of strands which is further covered by an insulation sheath made from thermoplastic. The insulation sheath safeguards the wires from heat and other elements like lubricants and coolants found in electronic devices.

These bunch of wires need to be bound together and held in place with a tubing, cable tie or woven braiding. The wire harness is then fixed into electrical components of vehicles, machines, medical equipment and control assemblies. A wire harness is an economical electrical solution that is best for keeping machine interiors, electrical assemblies and systems highly organized. By grouping wires together into an assembly, you can keep the wiring system of your electronic device organized.

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